The Great Debate: Is Haggling Worth The Hassle?


“Don’t most people haggle here?” I asked a woman who was openly selling her product.
“Yes they do,” said the seller. “We expect to negotiate. We have a ‘Buy Now’ price, a bottom line price and the price we paid for it.
We try to get a price somewhere between the price we paid and the bottom line. At least 85 percent of customers haggle. I’m surprised when someone doesn’t.”

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A New Mindset – Negotiating


People have been increasingly empowered to haggle or negotiate like never before. Consumers today are not only looking to stretch their dollars further in these hard economic times, but also can make credible threats to brick and mortar stores and online retailers by shopping elsewhere.

This is exceptionally painful for places like shoe stores, where customers can make sure that the product fits and feels comfortable before threatening to buy it online.

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Haggle For Savings

Haggle For Savings

You may have thought that today the big banks were impossible to haggle with, but as many consumers are discovering, it’s completely possible. Haggling now more than ever before has become such an easy thing to do and the best part is that anyone can do it!

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